・Art toys based on unique IP system of NFT arts
・Suggesting a new style of “purchase experience”
・Developing creator economy
“VINYL” is an art toy brand connecting physical art toy and web3.

You can join the community by owning the VINYL NFT.
By burning the NFT you will receive the physical art toy and substitute NFT to show your ownership of VINYL series, and this will allow you to stay in the community.

“VINYL” is an art toy brand connecting physical art toy and web3.
1st Drop “The Zen” Series
The first series from the VINYL brand is "The Zen",
and the first art toy NFT from The Zen series will be
-Return to your true self with The Zen;
Stay calm and seek for the truth inside your heat,
in the world of NFT where FOMO and FUD overflows.-

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An expert on creative trends and collective arts.
Over 20 years of experience in production and sales of Physical collective items.
Also have experience in numerous NFT projects.
  • Q1. What can I claim by my NFT?
  • A1. If you own VINYL NFTs, you will be able to claim the applicable art toys during applicable periods.
  • Q2. When can I claim my art toy?
  • A2. The claiming period varies by each NFT series. Please check discord for details.
  • Q3. How long is the claiming period?
  • A3. Claiming period will vary by NFT, but you can claim at any time during this period.
  • Q4. How does the claim work?
  • A4. When claiming, you will burn your ERC-1155 NFT and receive an ERC-721 NFT, along with your physical products. You will be able to order one art toy product per NFT that you hold.
  • Q5. Can I cancel my claim?
  • A5. Burning of NFTs cannot be undone, therefore cancellation will not be accepted after the claiming procedure has been completed.
  • Q6. What will happen if I own multiple NFTs?
  • A6. You can claim one art toy for one VINYL NFT you own. You will have to make a claim one by one for each VINYL NFT that you own. Each transaction requires an Ethereum network gas fee.
  • Q7. Can I purchase only the physical art toy without owning VINYL NFT?
  • A7. No, you won't be able to purchase the product if you don't own the VINYL NFT.
  • Q8. Do I have to pay for the physical product?
  • A8. No, it will be completely free to claim your art toy if you own the VINYL NFT.
  • Q9. Is the gas fee required?
  • A9. A gas fee will apply. Gas fees are determined by the Ethereum network, and we do not control them.
  • Q10. Are NFTs on the secondary market valid for product claims?
  • A10. Any genuine NFT purchased on the secondary market that has not been used to claim products already is valid for product claims if it is burnt at the official website prior to the end of the product claim window. Any unofficial or fake NFTs are not eligible to claim. Make sure that you only trade the official NFT, which can be found on the official OpenSea page.
  • Q11. What happens if I sell my NFT after I claimed my art toy?
  • A11. Once you burn the NFT to claim the product, the substitute NFT will be sent to your wallet instantly. You can sell this NFT but the original NFT which has been used for claiming will be burned and disappear eternally.
  • Q12. If I bought an NFT on the secondary market, how do I claim the product?
  • A12. If you purchase an NFT that has not been used to claim these products already, you can claim the product before the claim period ends.
  • Q13. To which country/area can you ship the physical products?
  • A13. Please refer to the link below to see the shipping area.
    Please note, this list may change as it is determined by factors which dynamically change.
  • Q14. Who can I contact if I have any questions?
  • A14. Please raise questions in the official Discord server.
  • Q15. What is the shipping process?
  • A15. We package and ship your order as soon as possible. We start working on your order immediately, so we are unable to make any changes to an order after it has been placed. Orders are subject to verification and approval before shipping and may take several days to process. We only ship during business days and do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. While we will do all we can to make sure your order is delivered on time, we cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, service interruptions, etc.
  • Q16. Can I modify or cancel my order?
  • A16. We do not allow order cancellations or modifications. Since work on processing your order begins as soon as we receive it, we cannot modify or cancel your order. Please enter your address accurately.
  • Q17. Can I change my address after I’ve ordered?
  • A17. You will not be able to change your address for shipping as orders are processed quickly.
  • Q18. Will I have to pay shipping on the product?
  • A18. The shipping fee will not be required but you may have to pay the customs fee depending on the customs law of the country of the shipping destination.
  • Q19. How many NFTs are in the VINYL collection?
  • A19. The number of issues is different for each collection. Please check Discord for details.
  • Q20. What is the price of each NFT?
  • A20. There are 2 different prices for VINYL NFT. The price during the Whitelist sales is 0.2 ETH each and the Price during Public sales is 0.3 ETH.
  • Q21. What if the NFT is sold out?
  • A21. It’s no longer possible to mint an NFT after they have all been minted. If you missed out, you can pick one up on Opensea, the secondary marketplace.
  • Q22. What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?
  • A22. This NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Q23. Which wallet will be accepted?
  • A23. We recommend you use Metamask.